Can’t Wait Wednesday: Dawnlands by Philippa Gregory

Hello lovelies!

How has your week been going? I hope it’s been good so far and I wish you better days ahead.

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Wishful Endings, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating. Although this is not a weekly feature on this blog, I am always happy to share any book(s) I am anticipating it’s release.

Today, I am anticipating the release of ‘Dawnlands’ by one of my favorite authors of all time, Philippa Gregory. I am always excited to read any book by this author and I am glad she has something new coming out later this year.

Here are some details of this highly anticipated book.

Expected Publication Date: November 8th 2022 by Simon Schuster Audio UK

Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: It is 1685, England is on the brink of a renewed civil war against the Stuart kings and many families are bitterly divided.  Ned Ferryman cannot persuade his sister Alinor that he is right to return from America with his Pokanoket servant Rowan to join the rebel army. Instead, Alinor has been coaxed by the manipulative Livia to save the queen from the coming siege. The rewards are life-changing: the family could return to their beloved Tidelands, and Alinor could rule where she was once lower than a servant.

Alinor’s son, Rob, is determined to stay clear of the war, but when he and his nephew set out to free Ned from execution for treason and Rowan from a convict deportation to Barbados, they find themselves enmeshed in the creation of an imposter Prince of Wales – a surrogate baby to the queen.

From the last battle in the desolate Somerset Levels to the hidden caves on the slave island of Barbados, this third volume of an epic story follows a family from one end of the empire to another, to find a new dawn in a world which is opening up before them with greater rewards and dangers than ever before.

Dawnlands is the third book in the Fairmile series by the author and promises to be equally captivating as the first two books; Tidelands and Dark Tides. I hope it would live up to my expectations.

Do look out for this book in November!

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