Book Blog


My love for books was birthed during my childhood when my parents exposed me to the beauty of reading.

Reading is my utmost hobby as books give me comfort, solace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, entertainment and satisfaction.

My favorite book is ‘The Bible’, which I read everyday but I enjoy reading historical fiction, romance and humorous books.

I decided to start this blog as some sort of journal for the books I read and poetry I write.  It seemed important to document this as I realized that over time, no matter how great the stories I read are, after a few years I struggle to remember most of them and I thought writing a journal would help.

This has now taken up a life of it’s own and transitioned from book journal to a blog where I write reviews, recommendations, articles, author Interviews and a platform for sharing my podcast and travel adventures. Join me on this amazing Journey and let’s see where it leads us!