Author Interview: Tare Dite Ojoko

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Welcome to the first author interview of 2021. The author for the month of January is the lovely Tare Dite Ojoko who recently her first book titled 'Sex On The Couch'. I have known Tare for many years now and was delighted to … Continue reading Author Interview: Tare Dite Ojoko

Author Interview: Joan Nwosu

Our Author for the month of November is the beautiful and resilient Joan Nwosu. I read and reviewed Joan's book titled 'iRise' (check out my review on this book in "Book Reviews" on the main menu) earlier this month and it really put a dent in my mind. As usual, I was curious about the … Continue reading Author Interview: Joan Nwosu

Author Interview: Kiru Taye

Our author of the month is the exceptionally brilliant Kiru Taye! I recently read the seven books in "The Essien Series" by the author (Check out my reviews on "Book Reviews" tab on the menu) and it was a really pleasant experience. I am particularly in awe of this author because as a lover of … Continue reading Author Interview: Kiru Taye

Author Interview: Adesuwa Ehinome Iluobe

Our Author of the month for July 2020 is the beautiful Adesuwa Ehinome Iluobe. I recently read Adesuwa's collection of short stories, 'The Farm and Other Stories' and immediately curious about her writing and everything in-between. The Author Adesuwa Ehinome Iluobe studied law at the University of Abuja from 2004 - 2010. In 2011 she … Continue reading Author Interview: Adesuwa Ehinome Iluobe

Author Interview: Emem Bassey (The Chubby Author)

Our author for the month of June, 2020 is the amazing Emem Bassey! I recently read two of Emem's books 'Fine Wine' and 'A Tycoon and Circumstance' and It was a breath of fresh air. Read my reviews of her books HERE  and HERE. Emem Bassey writes juicy romance novels but with a twist. All her … Continue reading Author Interview: Emem Bassey (The Chubby Author)

Author Interview: Sez Kristiansen

Our author for the month of May, 2020 is the amazing Sez Kristiansen! I recently read Sez's book 'Inspired Mama' and It was a blessing. Read my review of this book HERE! The Author: Sez is an internationally acclaimed poetess and author, born in Southern Africa under two generations from six different cultures. She has travelled … Continue reading Author Interview: Sez Kristiansen

Author Interview: Jina S. Bazzar

Our author of the month for April, 2020 is Jina S. Bazzar. Jina is the author of the 'Roxanne Fosch Files Book Series' a set of four fantasy novels titled Heir of Ashes, Heir of Doom, Heir of Fury and The Curse ( A Novella).   Purchase @ The Author: Jina S. Bazzar is a  … Continue reading Author Interview: Jina S. Bazzar

Author of The Month: Simi K. Rao March 2020

Our author of the month of March is Simi K. Rao. I have chosen to read more poetry books and anthologies this year to help me improve on my poetry and also reach out to fellow poets who are published authors. Last Month, I received a copy of the author's book, "Under The Shade Of … Continue reading Author of The Month: Simi K. Rao March 2020

Author of the Month: Kendra Hall February 2020

Our Author for this month of February is Kendra Hall. She is the author of "Droppin Jewelz" a book geared towards equipping young girls with the tools they need to navigate through the challenges of teenage pregnancy successfully and helping them live their best lives. This book is available on About the Author: Kendra Hall, … Continue reading Author of the Month: Kendra Hall February 2020