Welcome To 2020!

Happy New Year Bookworms! We made it! I am grateful to God to have giving us the opportunity to experience another year and I believe it's going to be awesome. What are your bookish goals for this new year? I am setting a goal to read and review a 100 books this year and I... Continue Reading →

Thank You Dear Friends!

We have come to the last day of this year and it is the perfect time to reflect and show gratitude to all those who have made it a memorable one. The icing on the cake this year for me were the interviews I was honored to have both online and "In Conversation" with some... Continue Reading →

October 2019: Top 10 New Books To Read!

Another month is here with it's promises to engage and entertain us with the best of the best. These are my Top 10 must-read books coming out this October. There's Non-Fiction. Historical Fiction, Fantasy and some regular fiction. Check them out and have a fabulous bookish month! 1.Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes Expected Publication... Continue Reading →

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