If Wishes were Horses………a Poem

If wishes were horses,

You will be here with me.Light-the-Love

I wish I had stayed longer,

Stayed up all night,

Prayed till you rose up and broke free from the chains of death.

I wish I was not so far away,

Too far to be by your side,

to serve you,

to go anywhere with you.

I wish I had called again and again,

To hear you say you will be fine,

and tell me when next you had planned to do a facial,

Or your nails,

Yes your nails,

Even as you lie here,

Are still beautiful in purple.

I look down at my feet,

My nails,

They are painted in purple.

I look up at your hair,

I see myself,

But it is not me,

It is you!


And all I can do is wish!

That this a bad dream,

That this is not you,

This is not me,

This is not us!

I wish I could turn back the hands of time,

time for more talk,

more laughter,

more love,

I wish I could get another chance,

To say I love you,

To be your friend,

To be your child,

To be your pride,

I wish I had said goodbye,

with a song,

with a prayer,

with a kiss.

If wishes were horses,

You will be here with me……


The Unknown……..a Poem

I will never know…..

The words I never heard,

The notes I never read,the unknown poem photo

When you slipped right through my hands,

Where you went the other night,

How far gone you were in it,

What you wished or didn’t wish,

Who I really was to you,

Why you didn’t walk away,

If you’ll slip away again,

I will never know,

If these wounds will ever heal,

Why I love you even still,

Who you really are to me,

What to say when you are here,

How to mend my broken dreams,

Where to tell my secret pain,

When I’ll wake up without fear,

The notes I will never read,

The words I will never hear,

I will never know……


Misunderstood………a Poem

Love for Worship.

Confidence for Pride,

Truth for Lies,2e3ff7a4-7b5e-405b-b51e-912b20bfbb4c
Meekness for Weakness,

Silence for Fear,

Self Control for Cowardice,

Sharing for Boasting,

Openness for Naivety,

Fashionable for Attention Seeking,

Hard Work for Eye Service

Success for Luck,

Contentment for Laziness,

Generosity for Foolishness,

Courage for Rudeness,

Introverted for Snobbish,

Bookish for Nerdish,

The Fear of God for the Fear of Them!



Words……a Poem

Words heal, Words Kill,

Words Live, Words Cleave,words 3

To the ears that receive,

To the heart that gives,

Like a two edged sword,

Like a soothing balm,

Like a broken record,

Like the air we breath,words 2

They remain,

In the hearts they warm,

In the hearts they break,

They speak life,

They speak death,

They build,

They destroy,

They stay,




Time…..a Poem

I hear the clock ticking,

I am playing in the sand,

I hear the school bell ring,

I dance for my mum and dad,

I am afraid,Hourglass_dying

I am a liar,

I have my first kiss,

I break his heart,

I party till I drop,

I learn the hard way,

I yearn for him,

I walk with God,

I get him back,

I lose a child,

I lose a sister,

I am blessed with children,

I am afraid,

He breaks my heart,

I lose myself,

I jump off a plane,

I lose my mother,

I turn to God,

I find myself,

I have no fear,

I look back,

I look ahead,

This is my Time!



My Dream…….a Poem

In my life, I’ve always yearned for,

Someone so strong,dream

To love and to care for me,

And in my heart, I’ve prepared,

A place so warm,

To welcome this dream,

Then you came into my life,

Loving me like no one could,

Making my dream true,

You are my dream, You are my world,

You are my one, my whole, my all,

You give me love, you give me joy,

And you will always be the one,

My only dream…..

Featured image: A lovely dream by Evelyn Hamilton


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