5 Quick Tips To Cultivate A Reading Habit!


“The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when every other pleasure fades” – Anthony Trollope

Quite a number of people have recently told me of their desire to develop a reading habit and have no clue how to begin. Some used to be voracious readers when they were younger but now with jobs, family or kids to think about, their love for reading has naturally waned. With little or no time to read or so it seems, they have asked me  how I manage to read all the books that I read despite my busy schedule.

I have been able to convince a few friends that reading like any other habit needs to be cultivated, one step at a time and I am happy that they are now on their journey to become the great readers that they all aspire to…

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The Top 6 Reading Apps: To Keep Busy As You Stay At Home


If you are like me who loves the feel of hard copy books and reading them, this may be a frustrating time for you as we have all been compelled to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected almost every country in the world. The opportunity to visit a bookstore to buy your anticipated reads or order online and get your books delivered to you are no more readily available so how do we still keep reading especially at this time when we need it the most?

I started reading ebooks and listening to audio books a little while ago and I have come to love the experience as they are readily available on my mobile phone and tablet which I carry around with me all the time. However, in these times they have become more relevant to me because I still have access to most…

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Book Review: Kololo Hill by Neema Shah

Although this is my first encounter with this author's writing, after reading the synopsis, I was really interested in this story. We do not seem to have enough historical fiction books capturing African historical events and this got me pumped up to dive into this one. 'Kololo Hill' recounts the experiences of Ugandan Asians during... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday

Hello everyone, I hope your day has been good so far. Welcome to WWW Wednesday! WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On a World of Words, and how it works is each month I will answer three questions about my book life by answering these three questions: What are you currently... Continue Reading →

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