Book Care: 5 Ways To Keep Your Books In Good Condition

If you are a bookaholic like me, books are probably one of your priced possessions. Ensuring that my books are well kept and will outlive me, is my ambition as it would all be a waste to have spent a lot of  money buying so many books when they will be destroyed and can not be used by another generation.

Here are 5 ways that have helped me keep my books in good condition and I am positive it will be of help to you too.

Book shelf

  1. Store your books in a book shelf: If you don’t already own a book shelf, then go and buy one. Shelve all your books preferably in an upright position and support them with bookends so they won’t slump. You can also decorate your book shelf with picture frames and other nice decorations. This would make you feel good, I promise you.


book care hands

     2. Always handle your books with clean hands: Don’t handle your books with dirty or stained hands. Always wash your hands before handling books to avoid stains. Doing this would make your books look unkept and old.

3. Use Bookmarks: Do not fold pages of your book while reading to mark pages. Always use a bookmark preferably a flat one. This will reduce the chances of wear and tear of the books.


picking out a book from the shelf

4. Pick up your book from the middle of the spine: Especially books stored on a book shelf, always hold the book from the middle of the spine (and not from the top) and pull out of the shelf carefully. This helps to preserve and keep the spine in place.

book under sunlight

5. Keep books away from direct sunlight:  Direct sunlight or any high intensity light are not good for your books as they cause fading of paper and colors. Books should be stored in places with good lighting which enhances the lifespan of the books.


So if you are not already practicing the above tips, what are you waiting for? Let’s keep those beautiful books in good shape!




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