Book Tag Tuesday: The Meaning Of Color Book Tag

This tag was created by Lynn of the Books and Travelling With Lynn and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. Check out her site for more interesting bookish content and thank me later.

Although I am not someone who has a favorite color, I still love colors and would also like to discover how they can be used to interpret some of my unforgettable reads. 

So here we go…….

RED – The color of Passion (love and hate) – could be a book filled with love and hate or a book that inspires one of those emotions in you.

This historical fiction story which is part of the ‘Tudor Court’ series is laced with a lot of passion, forbidden love and hate. Although, not my favorite story in the series, it thoroughly represents the color red in this respect.



ORANGE – warm and uplifting – a feelgood book

I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the two main characters, their personalities, the manner in which they fell in love and the little funny bits that brought smiles and laughter to my heart.

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YELLOW – Fun and Joy – put a smile on your face

Reading this was so much fun. The travel adventure and most importantly the humor that laced the entire book was pure joy. One of my best reads in 2020.



GREEN – Harmony and Health – a book so good it made you feel in perfect harmony

This is the kind of book that would help you to be better with your health and general wellbeing as a woman and a mother. I was able to relate to some of the author’s experiences and was empowered by her choices to be intentional with her life. 

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TURQUOISE – Calm clarity – a book that made all the cogs of your brain work together to create a clear vision

Identity Crisis paints a very clear picture of our world today as the general culture around the world has changed with the advent of social media and diversity in sexuality. This story points to subtly ask salient questions about how we perceive one another in these times and how this will affect our future. 

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BLUE – Peaceful – so easy to read that the pages turn themselves

A beautiful collection of 12 stories with a common theme of redemption which when you start, you just can’t stop reading. I can not say all the stories were peaceful but most ended with a certain level of peace for each of the characters.

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PURPLE – Imagination – no explanation necessary for this one. Something that is super creative or maybe unique

I was intrigued by this story about ghosts and people who talk to the dead. I have never been a fan of the fantasy genre but this story pulled me in with a force I couldn’t resist. I just had to know how it would all end and it was satisfying, at least until the second book in the series is out.

52205603. sy475


PINK – Kind and Comforting – a comfort read, something you can fall back on and know you will love

My favorite love story in recent times. The characters were relatable and lovable and everything able……

Great read!

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BROWN – Dependable – an author or series that you love

I am a huge fan of Philippa Gregory and would read anything by her. However, this is my best series yet with strong female character who changed history with their courage and sheer tenacity. I will always go back to read these stories again and again.

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BLACK – Powerful and Sophisticated. A book that is stylish, polished, clever and packs a punch

This book is a rare gem with multiple themes of love, friendship, betrayal, redemption, forgiveness and an opportunity for people to understand the complexity in the crisis of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. It is light hearted yet packed with relevant subjects that affect our country.


GRAY – Compromise and Control – use your own definition for this one

This book single handedly made me start this blog because I never want to forget this story. When I think of compromise and control, this book is a perfect definition of this on many levels.



WHITE – Purity and Innocence – a children’s book that you loved or a book about the loss of innocence.

One of the stories that will always stay with me from my childhood days. Oliver was a hero of some sort to me and his character will always amuse and amaze me every time he comes to mind.


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