Historical Fiction: A Fun Way To Learn About The Past


Let’s face it, history books can be very boring except you are a historian of course: but, there are other fun ways to learn about the history of the world without getting bored.

I have always been drawn to history right from my childhood days. My mother happens to be a historian and she was a huge influence. But, I also remember watching movies like ‘The King And I’, ‘My Fair Lady’, etc,  over and over again because I was intrigued by the times they were set in; and though they were fun movies, they also subtly taught me about events that occurred in historical times. For example, as a child, ‘The Sound of Music’ gave me a glimpse of people’s fears about the Nazis, while ‘Escape from Sobibor’, which I saw in my teens, exposed some of the atrocities of the Nazis more clearly than any textbook could. So…

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