Book Review: I For Don Blow But I Too Dey Press Phone by Hymar David

This book was gifted to me by my husband and I know it is one of those books he bought because he found the title really catchy. I was excited to get into this book irrespective of the fact that I have never heard about the author before now.

‘I for don blow but I too dey press phone‘ is a memoir where the author takes the reader on a journey through his life experiences having grown up in Lagos and Ogun states, Nigeria. Starting from his early childhood experiences to how he suddenly became a person living with a disability and then into adulthood, he shares his ups and downs laced with a lot of wit which will be very familiar to most Nigerians. The author’s life is an inspiration to everyone living in Nigeria’s reality today as it shows that anyone, no matter where you came from or what you have gone through can still come out victorious.

Although the general idea behind this story is very inspirational, as a reader I found it a bit of a difficult read. Apart from the fact that the author’s stories were not chronological, there was too much lingering in certain parts while sweeping through some other parts that I felt should have been highlighted more. Nevertheless, It’s was a good read and I would still recommend to lovers of non fiction especially memoirs.

Rating: 3 stars

Published: Published November 26th 2019

Pages: 189

Genre: Non fiction (Memoir)

The Author:

David Hymar grew up in Lagos and Ogun States. He wanted to be a lawyer then changed his mind and applied to study English and Literature at the University of Benin. Midway, after a good first year and an okay second year, he changed his mind again and instead decided to leave school and focus on being the disgrace of the family. Him for don blow tru tru but dem take pressing phone swear for am.

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