Book Review: The Bachelor’s Ride by Kolapo Akinola

I met the author of this book on a flight from Lagos to London and as we chatted, I got to know that he was a writer who was almost done with writing his debut novel (this book). Imagine my excitement when I got a message from him telling me his book had been published last month. I also attended the a book reading event for this book in Lagos earlier in this month and was pumped up to read it.

‘The Bachelor’s Ride’ is a multi-themed story that follows Toyosi’s search for “The One”. After being jilted three months to his wedding day by his fiancée, Toyosi begins his search all over again for the love of his life. The fact that Toyosi is a carrier of the sickle cell genotype makes his search more complicated but he keeps the faith even to the point of leaving the conventional dating scene to the online world of the unknown.

This book was such a treat. First of all, the fact that this story was told from the POV of a man searching for love was intriguing as most books with romance themes are usually told from the POV of the woman. I also loved how the story addresses the difficulties carriers of the sickle cell genotype go through while searching for a spouse considering the consequences if they end up with another carrier. I found most of the characters relatable and the story well written with quite a number of parts that had me chuckling. My issue with the story had to do with the number of girls Toyosi had to literally “date” mostly around the same time under the guise of searching for “the one”. It almost made me wonder if he really liked everyone of them. Perhaps it is different for men but I wasn’t too convinced. Nevertheless, it was a really enjoyable read and I recommend to all lovers of contemporary fiction and romance.

I look forward to reading more stories by the author in the near future. Congratulations Kolapo!

Rating: 4 stars

Published: Published April 12th 2022 by Icongate

Pages: 326

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

The Author:

Kolapo Akinola is a data scientist working for a global technology consulting firm in London. He writes leisurely at night. Born and bred in Ilaro, a small town in Western Nigeria, Kolapo enjoys chasing sunrise and sunset around the globe and while at it, he collaborates with NGOs to promote awareness of sickle cell in the UK and West Africa. The Bachelor’s Ride is his first novel.

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