The RovingBookworm Podcast: Season 4 – The Journey to Self Discovery

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Season 4 of the RovingBookworm Podcast.

It’s so awesome to be back here again for another season after my long break away from podcasting. I missed all our conversations, having guests come in here and most importantly your feedback which always triggered deeper conversations. I can’t say I ended up resting as much as I would have loved but at least I was able to concentrate on other aspects of my life and hopefully, I am fully charged up for another fantastic season. I am looking forward to these coming 12 weeks which I believe will be full of learning, fun and laughter.

The theme for this season is titled “The Journey to Self Discovery”. This theme was inspired by several books which I will introduce as the season unfolds but it was also inspired by my own personal journey through life so far and I will be sharing some of my experiences and lessons I have learnt along the way.

How have you guys been? I hope everyone is well and keeping safe. As we all know the COVID-19 virus is still out there and I hope we have been able to keep out of it’s reach. Please if you are yet to get vaccinated, please go get your shots. It’s the best option for now. If for any reason you have contracted the virus and is unwell, endeavor to get the necessary medical attention you need and I wish you a speedy recovery.

I would love to hear what you guys have been up to in the last two months since we took the break so don’t hesitate to message me on Whatsapp if you have my contact and of course via the form below or on the Instagram handle @the_rovingbookworm_podcast.

Listen to all the episodes here.

S4| Episode 43: The Beginner’s Guide To Self Awareness The RovingBookworm Podcast

Great to be back after the in-between seasons break and I am pumped up for the conversations centered around this season’s theme – ‘The Journey To Self Discovery’. This week we discuss self awareness, what it means and how we can begin to become more self awareness in all aspects of our lives. — Send in a voice message:
  1. S4| Episode 43: The Beginner’s Guide To Self Awareness
  2. S3|Episode 42: Finishing Strong – Changes That Heal
  3. S3| Episode 41: Choosing Well – How To Find Safe People
  4. S3| Episode 40: Navigating Toxic Relationships with Ayo Adeola
  5. S3| Episode 39: Beauty, Youthfulness & Aging with Rei Obaigbo

I hope you enjoyed listening. You can give your feedback on this episode by filling the form below and I will respond to you accordingly.

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Thanks for stopping by.

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