Book Review: Snow Day by Julia Lipson

This is an Audible original and a quick but engaging listen. It is my first by the author.

It is a story with a close-proximity trope about two strangers who meet on a train ride from Milan to Paris stuck together due to a snow storm that has delayed their journeys. Amy is an American, on her way to meet her Fiance in Paris while Martjin is a Finn on his way to spending a quiet holiday by himself but as they spend time together, they discover what is most important in their lives and begin to reconsider the choices they have made.

Great storyline, but I found this story extremely short and would have loved it to be longer with a better opportunity for character development and more insight on the back stories of the main characters. However, what I loved most about this audio book was how it felt like I was listening to an actual movie to making every scene so vivid and real. It is my first experience with an audio book like this and I applaud the production team with this. I recommend this book if you need to listen to something short but sweet. I would look out for more Audible originals like this and hope to enjoy them.

Rating: 3 Stars

Published: November 12th 2020 by Audible

Pages: 75

Genre: Romance

Buy: Audible

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