Field Trip: Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos, Nigeria

This is a #Flashback!

I live in Lagos, Nigeria as some of you already know but I never seem to have the chance to visit the many beautiful places in Lagos and beyond because of the reality of being a working mom and  wife.

Two years ago, my husband and I decided to take a trip to the popular Lekki Conservation center we had been hearing about and it was indeed a fun trip there.

lekki conserve bridge 3

Lekki Conservation Center (LCC) is a 78-hectare Natural Resource Conservation in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. It is home to the longest canopy walk in Africa.


lekki 3

The center was established in 1990 to serve as biodiversity conservation icon and environment education center. The facility was built by the Chevron Corporation for the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), as a reserved sanctuary for the rich flora and fauna of the Lekki Peninsula. The company has since provided annual funding for the management of the center.


There is also a tree house to climb and sit in.


We sited some animals mostly monkeys and numerous species of birds although we were told there are also crocodiles and snakes. Park rangers were available as guides and this was done in groups.


lekki 11

There is also a picnic area where guests can sit and have a picnic so at the end of our tour, we enjoyed a relaxing picnic before we headed out.  It was a fun trip.


If ever you have the chance to visit Lagos, Nigeria, this is a good place to see.


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