Book Review: The Courage Map – 13 Principles To Living Boldly by Franziska Iseli

“The stories you tell yourself and others create a lens through which you see the world and this perspective will determine whether you act out of fear or courage. Your stories determine how courageously you will live. And because you are the author of your own stories, you can rewrite the ones that don’t serve you”. – Franziska Iseli in ‘The Courage Map’

Thank you TCK publishing for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The courage map is a practical guide to living your best life with courage and boldness. I have recently read several books about courage and living boldly but this has been the most helpful resource out of them all. In this book, the author uses 13 principles to help you on your journey towards self-love, self-respect and freedom from your fears and doubts. Using her different experiences as an explorer and goal getter, she encourages us to live a more fulfilled life through self discovery and determining what we really want out of life while being true to ourselves all the way. These 13 principles are easy to follow and will help you cultivate habits that will lead you to self improvement.

My copy of this book is marked on almost every page and it is definitely a book that would serve more as a devotional. I will continue to read it over and over again to enable me master the skills that I need to be a better and bolder me.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for self improvement and tired of living in fear or in the shadow of others.

“If you don’t respect yourself and your truth, you are undermining your own courage. If you don’t respect your truth, it’s likely others won’t either”. – Franziska Iseli in ‘The Courage Map’.

Rating: 5 Stars

Published: May 10 2020 by TCK Publishing

Pages: 146

Genre: Non Fiction

Buy: Amazon

The Author:

Franziska Iseli Keynote Speakers Bureau and Speaking Fee

Franziska is a maverick entrepreneur, leading brand strategist, adventurer, author, and co-founder of Basic Bananas, The Business Hood, Oceanlovers, and Moments of Humanity. In 2013 Franziska was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recognizing her innovation, creativity, and philanthropic involvement. Franziska is a board member at the global Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) where she is advising on communications, marketing, and branding. She is also the creator of the impact initiative EOcean.. which inspires entrepreneurs to be more sustainable. Franziska sits on the judging panel for Singularity University and has run think tanks at the United Nations to address the UN sustainable development goals through entrepreneurship. A true visionary and eternal optimist, no challenge seems to be too big for Franziska. She is known for her rebellious nature and for doing things differently. She has this rare combination of being both creative and strategic, which makes her a powerful leader in the business world.

A Swiss born Australian (or Swaussie) with a sharp-witted humor and the ability to speak five languages, she is known to make up words, which keeps everyone amused. Franziska is regularly featured across the media including INC. Forbes, Business Insider, Virgin Inflight Entertainment, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, SmartCompany, Dynamic Business Magazine, BRW, 2UE, and Channel 9. The key to Franziska’s success is her down-to-earth attitude, infectious energy, integrity and courage to take the lead. She is an idea generation machine and her brain seems to work on double-speed. Franziska is a big believer in social business and is heavily involved in various ocean conservation and sustainability projects. In her spare time, Franziska loves going on adventures, spending time in the ocean, playing music with her band Salty Lips, learning new things and spending time with family and friends. she is currently on a Multi-year journey riding her motorbike around the world.



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